The Wetopia Story

Joke Quintens, founder of Wetopia, reached out to us at yūgen seeking assistance in crafting the narrative behind Wetopia’s journey. Despite its years of activity, Joke found it challenging to articulate the essence of Wetopia when communicating with others. While she inherently understands what Wetopia represents, conveying this vision has proven elusive. Typically, Joke references Wetopia through the projects she undertakes, which, while effective, lacks the cohesion of a compelling brand story. That’s where yūgen steps in.

Partnering with Ikho Plaatjie, my wife and a seasoned social designer , feminist and activist based in Cape Town, we started the mission to unveil the heart of Wetopia. Through in-depth interviews and conversations with Joke, we aim to distill the essence of Wetopia into a cohesive narrative. What sets our approach apart is the personal touch we bring to the storytelling process. We traveled to Brussels to meet with Joke at the “This Is Us” Brussels campaign, one of the projects Wetopia does.

Our goal is to create a narrative that not only encapsulates Wetopia’s journey but also forges a personal connection with its audience. This is where yūgen truly shines: in crafting narratives that resonate on a deeply personal level.