About yūgen

 yūgen  is more than beautiful pictures

I am a doer. A creator. That’s what I want to capture with yūgen. Create make music and write columns. I make art and design websites. I devise conceptual solutions for businesses, but I am also someone who can connect people. The name yūgen didn’t come out of nowhere; in Japanese, it means “unity with the universe”. That is the highest attainable goal, especially within design and art.

How it started

In November 2021, yūgen came into existence. Born from the desire to start a graphic design agency, I embarked on the adventure with full enthusiasm.

Many great jobs came our way. From international tattoo conventions to websites for local creators. Whenever there was a design opportunity, yūgen was there.

In 2023, the direction of yūgen changed forever. Initially focused on graphic design and web design, it became increasingly clear that yūgen had to be a place where Koen could fully express his creative freedom.

However, this was easier said than done. What exactly are these creative expressions? And why would people interested in a website be interested in Koen’s connection skills?

By combining and showcasing everything yūgen does, clients get a broader and clearer view of the possibilities of collaborating with yūgen.

Koen is not the only website builder in the world. But his knowledge about conceptual design and his experience in the arts and community design make a collaboration with yūgen a unique and pleasant experience.

What yūgen does

It should be clear that you can come to yūgen for a range of products and services. But what is it that yūgen truly excels at?

First and foremost, it’s web design and graphic design. These are the two services that most people contact us for.

But what makes collaborating with us so unique?

Koen is a connector, and this is what he has turned into an art with yūgen.

The connection with the person, with the client, and with the product is very important. Without a strong connection, it is impossible to create a truly authentic product.

What makes you unique as a person? Who are you? Why do you do what you do?

It sounds like a psychological study, but in the end, this approach ensures that the final result is the most personally achievable outcome.

And that is why we say: “Design is more than beautiful pictures”.