Khayelitsha Community Hub

Community Building At Its Finest!

I started this project in April 2023, when I visited the Khayelitsha Canoe Club in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa. There I met Siyanda Sopangisa, a man with the biggest smile in the world. He was the owner of the canoe club and we helped him with designing some plans for his tours.

But, I felt something wasn’t right. It wasn’t just a canoe club, it was a community that did so much more. From making biochar to teaching children how to swim and everything in between. 

So, Siyanda asked us to create something new. And that became the Khayelitsha Community Hub.

Fase one

In fase one we did all the branding, concepting and making strategies. Everything we do to create a proper concept. A new business is always hard, but when you are a Dutch man in South Africa there is way more intricacies that you have to think of. At yūgen we are adaptable and put the customer in the spotlight. This project is a great example of that.

Fase two

Fase two has started, and now that we finished the brand book and everything that goes with it, we are going to focus on the products. Video, website, social media, etc. This is going to be the fase where the brand will come to life.