In 2013, the Khayelitsha Canoe Club was established with noble ambitions: teaching children to swim, providing a recreational space for canoeing and swimming, cleaning the wetlands, and facilitating intercultural tourism. However, the onset of COVID-19 and the resultant water hyacinth outbreak dramatically impeded their operations. Their once-thriving tourism tours came to a halt, and the overwhelming growth of water hyacinths rendered their waters almost unnavigable.

When our multifaceted team joined the project, the club was facing these significant challenges. Leveraging our diverse expertise in marketing, concepting, HR, entrepreneurship, and network-building, we approached the situation with fresh perspectives and innovative strategies. Among our contributions, we devised a marketing and strategy plan, conducted a thorough SWOT analysis, and explored sustainable solutions such as converting dried and burned hyacinths into biochar.

Witness the transformation and dive deeper into our comprehensive approach. The complete PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded via the link in the description.

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